Robotic system

Beyon3D’s robotic system enables a complete solution from design to manufacturing of building products: in simple or complex forms, in larger scale, in higher quality, in reduced cost and manufacturing time, making existing prefabricated production lines obsolete.

What we offer

Beyon3D can help small to large scale factories and contractors wishing to automate and improve their on-site and in-factory manufacturing capabilities, while reducing substantially their ROI and production costs, reach their goals.

Manufacturing & Operating system

We deliver a complete state of the art manufacturing system with its own unique proprietary software, and a specially adapted 6 axis robotic arms, with its own unique hardware extension.

Tailor made materials

Beyon3D will provide the clients its tailor made materials necessary for manufacturing with Beyon3D’s system, including several high grade concrete and gypsum mixes, and a self-leveling sealer for coating and finishing its custom made open molds.

Installation & support

We offer a complete end to end service, with the required integration and after installation complete technical assistance.

Benefits at a glance

Beyon3D’s industry specific robotic manufacturing system, which combines subtractive and additive manufacturing strategies in one process will bring your products to the market – better, faster and smarter.

  • Improved product quality and reliability

  • Dramatically reduce manufacturing costs (up to 60%)

  • Improved production speed and output  (up to 80%)

  • Eliminate production errors and Reduce waste

  • Larger product scale

  • Ease of use

  • Support any client custom requirements, including highly complex geometries and performance

How it works

The process is simple, intuitive, and fast -a digital file of the component is uploaded to the system, and within seconds transformed into specific tasks for the robot. Using our own custom made building materials, the robot fabricates the component, while combining subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques.

Intellectual property

In 2013 the Beyon3D team set out in its task to design and develop a new age robotic manufacturing system for the building industry. Beyon3D’s multidisciplinary R&D have resulted in numerus patents pending and IP in 3 main fields

Beyon3D’s one of a kind command & control software is intended for the untrained, common user with a simple and intuitive UI/UX.

Beyon3D has developed a series of unique hardware extensions, custom made for mass customized fabrication of prefab products

Beyon3D has generated a series of building materials, tailor made for Beyon3D specific automated environment and manufacturing process

We offer a complete end to end service, with the required integration and after installation complete technical assistance.

About Us

Founded in Israel in 2011, Beyon3D is a leading a multidisciplinary building technology company, whose R&D team consists of mechanical engineers, aerospace engineers, material scientists, physicists, programmers, algorithmic developers, prototyping experts and architects.

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